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Fire in the Distance is a Tabaxi Swarmkeeper Ranger.

Named as such for when his birth-light - a tall pyre - was lit, a small similar light appeared at the same time on a nearby peak at the other side of the valley. Another child - born on the same night in a different tribe.

The Clan of the Twinkling Mountain - so called for the high-altitude mirages that lead those unknown with the area to their deaths - was located far south of the continent. A nomadic clan of tabaxi who roamed up and down the range in search of food, materials, and lost artifacts in snow-buried ruins.

Whilst out hunting, Fire in the Distance came across a jet black raven - a rare sight in white snow of the mountains. A quick arrow pierced it cleanly and the beast lay dead.
Whilst cleaning the kill and placing it in his bag, a haggard old woman - too scrawny and misshapen to reasonably survive in these conditions - peered out from beneath a snowy mound, spat a string of foul hexes at the tabaxi before her anger turned into madness and she fled, cackling maniacally down the mountain.

Over the next few days, Fire in the Distance noted a disturbing change in his environment. Since killing that sole raven, more and more birds crossed his path. Unnaturally so. The hunter-ranger tried to pick some of them off, but they were just as agile as his arrows swift. And still the birds came. By the time the mountain cat had returned to his encampment, he was a veritable murmuration.

For a while, Fire in the Distance tried to live with their predicament. He became familiar with the birds’ movements - able to shoot his bow behind their fluttering, learning soothing sounds to quieten the birds and stay hidden during a hunt - but back in the clan, Fire in the Distance couldn’t adapt. As much as he learned to control the aspects of his curse, the tornado of birds were simply not suited for tent living nor close relations.

Fire in the Distance left the clan then, rather than impose further anguish on his fellow clan members. 

Wherever he went, Fire in the Distance found a similar difficulty to fit in. Inns would not take birds, even when they were quiet, the prospect of cleaning up all that poop was not promising - at least, not for a standard fare.

So, Fire in the Distance was often sleeping rough. Graveyards being a particular favourite for they were seldom visited at night, peaceful and quiet.

That is when they came upon Haidon Jorora, who was exploring. After some pleasant conversation, Haidon introduced Fire in the Distance to the adventuring life and they followed a local lead on work - a necromancer in the nearby mountains. Fire in the Distance helped track the way and Haidon lead the charge.


Fire in the Distance hopes to one day remove their curse - or at least be able to suppress it enough to reintegrate into society. They would like to return to their clan - or even - start a new one.


Personality Traits

I have a lesson for every situation, drawn from observing nature.


Change. Life is like the seasons, in constant change, and we must change with it. (Chaotic)


An injury to the unspoiled wilderness of my home is an injury to me.


I remember every insult I’ve received and nurse a silent resentment toward anyone who’s ever wronged me.

Don’t expect me to save those who can’t save themselves. It is nature’s way that the strong thrive and the weak perish.


(False - Neutral) “The Clan of the Twinkling Mountain has killed many giants.”

  • They are too strong to fight. The clan mostly scavangened in their ruins. 

(False - Neutral) “The Clan of the Twinkling Mountain have a war with a clan of dog men”

  • No basis

(False - Neg) “Fire in the Distance has a scar on his face that he got when the left the clan. The clan wanted him to leave even before his curse.”

  • They left voluntarily

(True - Neg) Fire in the Distance has killed some Giant children (True - Pos) Fire in the Distance has saved some human adventurers from falling off the mountain (True - Neutral) The Clan of the Twinkling Mountain has the most wonderful mountain-side displays made of fire

The Twinkling Mountain

Somewhere atop the twinkling mountain, there are a cluster of tanned leather yurts. Within this was the clan Fire grew up with. Fire had parents, sure, but the children there were taken care of by all the adults so he had much less attachment to them than a urban dweller might.

Some of the more notable clan members included:

  • Mist in the Morning - A very old tabaxi, who rarely left the tents, except for the migration season
  • Paint on a Rock - A tabaxi bard, who was always very fun
  • Hare in a Trap - The lead hunter who often lead the giant hunts
  • Carriage on the Road - One of the more learned tabaxi, who interacts with traders and travellers often

As they mostly hunted small animals, or foraged in the wake of giants, the tribe’s hunting equipment is mostly typical of hunters: spears, bows, traps. But they do have several traps and weapons at their camp in case of intrusion.

The tribe moves location on no fixed schedule, only when a location has run dry of resources or there is a particular calling to another place (e.g. intercepting a trade caravan).

The giants would possess many fine treasures, from some unknown place, which would sell well - and so stealing? reclaiming these from them, while dangerous, was lucrative. It didn’t seem that the giants knew what to do with the pieces anyway.

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