Home Bop


Bop was a cute little froggie with a horrid past. He lived in a small Grung village where everyone had their role - he was a scribe. Most of his work consisted of translating other text into Grung so other could more easily understand it.* After some time translating froggie bedtime stories, Bop decided he was meant for more and went out to explore something exciting! Giants! It was very scary, but he gathered lots of important information and returned back to the tribe overladen with sheets of paper. Unfortunately, Bop had neglected to notice the giant stealthily following him and when he went inside his wee froggie house to catalogue his notes, he started hear crunching outside. The villagers were being squashed! After a pitiful fight back, Bop was almost alone in survival. This was no home for them anymore. They grabbed a few of their friends’ skulls and tied them to their staff, a reminder of their past, before leaving the village, ready to seek knowledge on how to bring them all back.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.